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Dress Code Do's and Dont's

  • Do dress in any type of underwear such as long johns, housecoats, bras, bloomers, nightgowns, tidy whities, boxers, panties, sports bras, granny gear, bathing suits, etc.
  • Don't wear anything that is transparent or semi transparent in the "private" areas.  They call them private areas for a reason and at this race they should remain private.
  • Do wear something that you will be comfortable to run or walk in.  Remember it may be hot and  may be sweating.
  • Don't wear anything that may cause a wardrobe malfunction.  Remember Janet Jackson and Tara Reid?  Wear something that will stay in place while you are running, jumping or punching a beach ball. 
  • Do feel free to dress up in any undie themed costume such as the undie reindeer pictured above. 
  • Don't wear boxer shorts that have the peek-a-boo flap unless you plan on wearing something underneath them.
  • Do wear shoes !!  The terrain may be uneven and it is easy to cut your feet while running.  We recommend wearing running shoes, but if you feel that you can safely run in high heels or cowboy boots, more power to ya !
  • Don't wear thongs or pasties!  This is the state of Oklahoma which is in the middle of the "Bible Belt" ...baby steps !
  • Do invite your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse to participate with you.  You are less likely to be forced to sleep on the couch if your significant other also participates.
  • Don't wear anything with profanity on it. This includes crudely drawn images of private parts.
  • Do invite your friends and co-workers to join you.  You can sign yourself up for a 5 person team, choose your team name, and pay for JUST YOU and tell your teammates to sign up later  Don't forget to give them the exact team name. 
  • Don't think that body paint on bare skin is a substitute for clothing.  It is not !
  • Don't try to enter this race if you are under 18.  This is strictly an 18 and over only race ! Enter the Tatur Mud Run instead !
  • Do dress up or down!! It is not mandatory but highly recommended.
  • Do HAVE FUN !!


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