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Tatur TOTS - Taturs Training On Trails

Tatur TOTS (Taturs Training On Trails)Every Sunday at 7:30 A.M. Join Us

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No Membership Necessary You do not have to be a Tatur member to run with us during our training runs. These are beginner level training runs. We invite you to come out have fun. While trail shoes can help, they are not mandatory.

No One Gets Left Behind Our motto is that no one gets left behind. We will break up into groups based on speed and experience and each group will have a run leader.  Typically the run consist of running for a while then waiting for the rest of the group to catch up. Training run will  be between 3-8 miles.

Walkers Welcome We usually have a fantastic group of walker or very "not fast" runners. We are proud of walkers and hope that this group will grow over time.

Field Trips Every 3-4 weeks we will take a field trip to go somewhere besides Turkey Mountain.  We try our best to go out beforehand and pre-mark the courses so that everyone can find their way. During field trips, Tatur will bring some light snack s and provide water and/or Gatorade.

Meet your Leader

Stormy Phillips Stormy has taken the Tatur Tots under his wing and is a great leader teacher and mentor to anyone who is looking to get into trail running or simply learn more about.  Stormy first learned about trail running through the first TOTS program and is really enjoying "paying it forward"


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Contact the Tatur Tots

Please check the Tatur Facebook page for updates or email Stormy Phillips or Brian Hoover for more information.

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