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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contimue to monitor this page as new questions will be added and existiing ones may be modified.

General Questions

Will this be a family friendly event ? 

Yes. In keeping with Chick-fil-A's philosophy and the style of most Tatur events, this will be an event that will cater to all ages and be appropriate for small children as well. 

Is there an age limit?  

Yes ! your child must be 5 years of age or older to participate.

Where will this event be held at ? 

To Be Determined

How big is the opening to get into the ball ?

The opening is a full 24 inches diameeter - big enough for a person that wears size 50 pants!

Is there a weight limit per person in the zorb balls ?

Yes.  You must weigh 330 lbs or below to participate.  This is per the manufacture of the Zorb Balls. 

What should I wear ?

You are not allowed to wear shoes while in the ball.  Shorts are fine.  Women need to remember that you may be flipping inside the ball, so you may want to wear something that will not show more than you mean to.  You will be asked to not have anything in your pockets that may fall out or puncture the soft plastic.  Also it is usually about 5-10 degrees warmer inside the ball, so do not dress too warmly.

What is our team is really slow ?

To allow as many people as possible to participate in this event, we must set a time limit of about 30 minutes per heat.  So our plan is that if all five of your teammates are not to a certain point in the course by a certain amount of time, "Your Hamsters Will get Plucked" from the course.  If your team gets "plucked" we will have a special prize for you.  If your team gets plucked/pulled from the course your team will not get a finishing time.

Can we bring in an outside ice chest and/or food from home ?

Yes !

Are there prizes to be won ?

Yes. We will give away many items to deserving teams/individuals. Also Chick-fil-A has announced that they will give away the following

Prizes for a year amount to 52 items.  One per week for a year. 

1st prize – Free Chick-fil-A meals for a year
2nd prize- Free Chick-fil-A Sandwiches for a year
3rd prize- Free Tea for a year

Prizes for a year amount to 52 items.  One per week for a year.

Family Prizes- Majority of the team must be from 1 family-
1st prize Free meals- kids under 12 get kids meals, over 12 get combo meals
2nd Prize- Chocolate chunk cookie sundaes for a year
3rd prize- Chocolate Chunk Cookies for a year. 

Wild Card- 2 teams will be chosen at random to receive free Chick-fil-A for a year. 

Course Questions

What will the obstacles and hills be like ?

Did your parents let you peak at your Christmas presents before you opened them ?  We are like your parents, we will not let you "peek" at what the course will be like.  All that we can tell you is that it will be FUN and that none of the obstacles will require any amount of strength that small children or elderly teams will not be able to handle. 

Registration Questions

Can I sign just myself up ? 

Yes ! But you will still have to find four more teammates. We can assign teammate(s) to you on race day if you cont get a team of five together.

What info do I need to know to sign my teammates up ? 

You will need to know their: first and last names, email address, cell phone #, address with zip code, age and shirt size !

What is one of my teammates cannot make it to the event.  

We will allow teammate substitutions as late as two days before the event.  Please email info@tatur.org with any and all team changes so that we can accurately handicap your final team time. 

Heat Questions

What if I want to sign up for a later heat ?

You will need to keep an eye on this website or the Tatur Racing Facebook page to see when that heat will open.

What will be the times of the heats ? 

All heat times are tentative and could change.  

When will the later heats open ?

We will open the next heat once the previous heat fills up.

How long will it take for a heat to fill up? 

We have no earthly idea how long it will take a heat to fill up.  However we imagine that this will be a very popular event, so we recommend signing up as early as you can as soon as your preferred heat opens. 

How will we be timed?  Will there be women's heats, or co-ed heats ?

To keep things simple and fair, we will not have heats based on gender or ages.  The timing will be done on a handicapped system (WMA) where the females and older people will have their actual time handicapped.  The older you are, the more your actual time will be handicapped. Then the average handicapped time will be used to determine your team's placement in the heat 

Hamster Ball/Zorb Questions

How big are the Zorb balls ?

The ball is about 8.5 feet tall and about 8.5 feet wide.  The ball is an inflatable that we blow up with a compressor. It is smooth plastic on the outside and inside. You crawl inside a small hole which we plug back up with an inflatable plug once you are safely inside.

What if I fall down inside the ball ?

That is half the fun.  You actually help your team more if you can stay on your feet and run while your teammates help push.  If you fall, you may roll with the ball a few revolutions, but it is pretty easy to stand back up again once the ball slows down. 

Can I breathe and hear inside the ball? 

Yes and yes !  The balls have plenty of air flow inside whether you are moving or just sitting still.  You can hear what is going on outside however it is a bit muffled !

Is there any size requirements to fit inside the ball ? 

Yes, the opening into the ball is a fixed size and if you are concerned about being too large to fit inside, please email us confidentially at info@tatur.org and we will get you the exact opening size.

Where can I find out more about the Zorb Hamster Balls

Here is the Zorb website

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