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  Athens-Big Fork Marathon (January) 4 am Turkey Run Atoka 50K/25K (March)
  Cross Timbers (February) Athens-Big Fork Marathon (January) Cross Timbers (February)
  Six Hour Snake Run (March)    
  Lake McMurtry (April) Keystone Training Run (February) Dan Man (February)
  Oklahoma City Marathon (April) Atoka 50K/25K (March) Lake McMurtry (April)

Hope Rains & Kids to Camp (May)

Lake McMurtry (April) Barkley Book Fair (July)
  Barkley Book Fair (June) Barkley Book Fair (May) Midnight 50K (July)
  Lake Tahoe Triple Day 1 (September) El Scorcho (July) Escape from Turkey Mtn. (August)
  Lake Tahoe Triple Day 3 (September) FlatRock (September) Mystic River Training Run (June)
  Arkansas Traveller (October) Arkansas Traveller October Mother Road Training Run #1 (June)
  Tulsa Run (October) Polar Bear Plunge (December) Mother Road Training Run #2 (August)
  Sunmart (December) Race Into the New Year (December) Arkansas Traveller October
  Polar Bear Plunge (December) Race Into the New Year (December) Mother Road Tatur Aid Station (November)
      Mother Road 100 (November)










TATURs Poker Run
Tatur Snake Run March 20, 2009
Atoka Trail Race
Lake McMurtry 09 Logo
Tatur Estim8ur Sunday June 7

Reckless Redneck Fri. July 24th

FLoat & Bolt Sat. August 15

TATUR Mud Run Sat Aug. 22

TATURs Adventue Race Sun Oct 4

Turkey & Taturs Sun. Sept. 13

Race Into the New Year Thurs. Dec 31